How to choose a domain name

Mittwoch, 14. September 2011

Most entrepreneurs buy self-help books that aid to learn how to choose a domain name. Even business owners who are planning to hire highly sophisticated web designing services, read books that are aimed at teaching the reader on how to start a website. They do this in order to gain an insight into the various aspects of website designing as it aids them in deciding the right professional web designing service required to start a website for their company.


According to a survey, when people learn about how to choose a domain name, some of the commonly asked questions include:

What is a website address?


A Website address is a unique address that is used for locating your website’s home page. Most people learning how to start a website often come across the term URL. The term URL, is the short form for universal source locator and is used synonymously with the term website address. As there are a plethora of web servers available on the World Wide Web, the unique website address is used to identify your web server that will load the web pages on the web browser in order to start a website design.


What is a Domain Name and how to purchase it?


Another question while you learn how to choose a domain name is about how to go purchase it. There are a variety of services available on the Internet that offers web space free of cost. Most books that give advice on how to start a website, point out the disadvantages of using free domain hosting services.


According to them, if you make use of services offering free web space, your web address will also contain their URL which is very long and confusing. Also, if you want to start a website to sell products and services of your company, a website address that is too long and complicated creates a wrong impression about the authenticity of the services. Hence, it is also suggestible to invest in purchasing a unique domain name on the World Wide Web.


Also, most business owners like to project a unique image for their website. As you learn about how to choose a domain name, you will realize the need for a unique domain address that comprises of only the name of the business and nothing else.


As they say, learning is a continuous process; therefore as you gain knowledge about the aspects of how to start a website on your own, it gives you immense confidence and insight into creating an outstanding website for your business.


The unique Domain Name System also referred to as DNS, is instrumental in providing the basic format that allows the computers on the Internet to communicate with each other. The concept of the connected computers on the World Wide Web has a specific Internet protocol address also known as an IP address. Although, most people can easily remember the Domain name but find it difficult to comprehend the coding of the IP address.


In other words, IP addresses are decoded in a readable format and presented to the user in the form of Domain Names. As you learn how to choose a domain name, you will be able to identify the Domain names with a phone book from the real world. If you want to find information about a contact, you will have to search for the name in order to retrieve the phone number of the contact person.

Similarly, users make use of the unique domain name to search the unique IP address for that computer. This example can be used to understand the concept of using Domain names in order to start a website on the Internet.


There are several books that can be found under the name of how to choose a domain name; and contain useful information about how to start a website and how to purchase a domain name. The books also contain information about the use of DNS while you start a website. The Domains are controlled by individuals as well as organizations and are used in typing a website address or sending an email.

The Domain Names are simple and usually follow an “@” in the website address. However, after you have finished reading all information available on how to choose a domain name, you will be able to comprehend that the term domain name is far more complex than that which appears on a first glance.


Most Domain names that are registered appear as, while in an email format your name needs to be added, of course, before “”. Therefore, if you want to learn how to start a website on your own, you can choose a unique domain name, preferably one that is very similar to the products and services offered by your company.


And, if the Domain name is already taken you can still start a website by interchanging the phrases in the domain name. As you start a website, you can also add features like multiple email addresses required for formal and informal use. Learning about how to choose a domain name also gives you the ability to create a unique home based business on the World Wide Web.