Criteria of a good website

Freitag, 11. April 2014

Criteria for a good website are a new technique that fuses the strengths of the traditional techniques of web designing with the modern trends.

The traditional structured, stepped and iterative approaches to web designing have undergone a major transformation while determining the criteria of a good web site.

There is sharp focus on defining and achieving the desired characteristics of purpose usability and aesthetics that are absolutely essential requirements according to the criteria of a good website.

The criteria include various new perspectives on the usability and aesthetics of the special context of website design.
Thus the criteria of a good website design is for individuals and team projects and it should prove to be of significant value for even the most experienced designer available on the world wide web.

The criteria of a good website include guidance, structure and detailed documentation for the process of website designing and implementing your next website, thus increasing its effectiveness and relevance on the web.

The methodology being applied is compatible with all types of websites and can be implemented to all project scenarios.
There is specially designed documentation provided to facilitate and support each process step.

There are many entrepreneurs who are in the initial stages of staring an online venture and the criteria of a designing website serve as an effectiveness roadmap to attaining online success.